Tomb of Eumachia

Picture of the Tomb

Basic Info + History
Eumachia’s tomb is located in a cemetery outside the Nuceria Gate. Eumachia notably, despite being female, funded it entirely by herself in contrast to other tombs which were funded by the public. She was also not awarded a funeral at public expense either. This demonstrates both her high status, wealth and influence as well as her desire to show off that wealth in order to prove that she was not inferior due to being a woman or a former slave.

Important features
– Regarded as the Nuceria Gate’s largest and most impressive tomb
– Complex structure with multiple levels
– Held not just Eumachia, but her family as well
– Other families, such as that of Nigidius Maius, would also later be held there
– Had an Amazonian frieze, further emphasising Eumachia as a strong and powerful Roman woman

Burial Practices
In a traditional roman burial, unlike that of Eumachia, a funeral would be organised by the paterfamilias. Those who did not receive a burial were typically the poor or those without families, and they were supposedly condemned to live as “malevolent entities” in the afterlife. Funeral clubs would often exist for those who did not have the wealth or the family to offer themselves a proper burial. However most Romans would not be buried but like Eumachia would be interred in tombs and mausoleums. Some others would also be cremated.


This inscription reads “EUMACHIA L F”.


This inscription reads “SIBI ET SUIS”, roughly translating to “themselves and their families”, perhaps a reference to how the tomb held both Eumachia herself and her family.

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